mails lost in mbox folder, "From -" lines get corrupted



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2 years ago
2 years ago


(Reporter: Christian Franke, Unassigned)


SeaMonkey 2.40 Branch

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2 years ago
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Build ID: 20160120202951

Steps to reproduce:

1) Examine a local (mbox) mail folder in Thread Pane and Message Pane
2) Run Properties -> Repair Folder
3) Re-examine folder
4) start some shell and change directory to "Mail" directory in Profile
5) run: grep -r '^From -.*From'


Actual results:

Step 1) One mail looked corrupted in Message Pane.

Step 3) After Repair Folder, this mail was no longer shown in Thread Pane

Step 5) Grep finds the following lines in mbox files affected in the past:
Folder1:From - Thu OcFrom - Thu Oct 22 15:57:02 2015 
Folder2:From - Mon Feb 22From - Mon Feb 22 12:08:51 2016 
Folder3:From - Fri May 02 11:From - Fri May 02 11:56:53 2014 
Folder3:From - Thu Nov 1From - Thu Nov 12 09:41:41 2015 

Expected results:

Mail in mbox folders should not be corrupted or lost.
"From - ..." lines should be sane.

This happened occasionally with SM 2.40 and (IIRC) some previous versions. I did not yet find a way to reproduce the folder corruption for testing, sorry.

Corrupted "From - ..." lines are kept when mail is moved or copied to another folder.
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