consider moving entire ship-it from tools to shipitapi python package and have release runner use it



2 years ago
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2 years ago
In bug 1288434 we needed to share the code from in a mozharness script. We had three options:

1. to duplicate code in mozharness script
2. to use tools repo in the mozharness script
3. to extract the logic in a Pypi package and use it from there in both places (tools and mozharness).

Eventually we went with the third option and was born. For the moment it only contains the base API class and the Release one. 

* consider adding the L10n and Releases classes as well in the shipitapi package
* tweak release runner to use the shipitapi package instead of the file from kickoff
You can do something similar to we did for retry. The basic idea is to copy the library into lib/python/vendor and adjust the usage. This way we would know that if we touch something in vendor, we would want to upstream the changes.
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