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Account deletion request for hebdor OR emarlukk



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a year ago
a year ago


(Reporter: rodbeh, Assigned: jwhitlock)






a year ago
Please delete my MDN account and all stuff related.
My username is: hebdor OR emarlukk
My email is: emarlukk@gmail.com
My persona is: rodbeh@gmail.com

Best regards,
Carlos Alberto Rodriguez Behning
Assignee: nobody → shobson
Hi Carlos, You have five edits on your MDN account, so I can't just delete it.


Do you want to:
1) Make this an anonymous edit, or
2) Keep it as emarlukk, but disable login for that MDN account

(I will also send an email to the account holder email address to confirm this deletion).

Comment 2

a year ago
Hi Stephanie, 

I'd like delete everything related with my account, email, profile, persona, etcétera on MDN

Emails: "rodbeh@gmail.com", "emarlukk@gmail.com"
Users: "rodbeh", "hebdor" y "emarlukk"
Persona: "rodbeh@gmail.com" (Carlos Alberto Rodriguez Behning)


I made mistakes (I'm confuse all it)
and I want to delete everything 
(maybe I could create a new account in the future).

Note. I don't know if you has focus on it, but "rodbeh" is about RODriguez BEHning, 
"hebdor" is "rodbeh" backwards, 
and "emarlukk" is just an alternative email that I'm using 
in order to try to erase my footmark in MDN =| 
but all these is about myself!
Keywords: in-triage
There are no users named "rodbeh" or "hebdor".

I received email verification to delete "emarlukk".

Carlos, I deleted the mistake page but deleted pages always stay in our system and need to be associated with a user. Deleted users do not stay in the system, they are 100% deleted. To delete emarlukk we need to change the database so the deleted page was created by Anonymous. I will ask someone with data base access to do this.

John, can you please migrate edits made by emarlukk to the Anonymous account and delete "emarlukk" once this is done.
Ever confirmed: true
Flags: needinfo?(jwhitlock)
Assignee: shobson → jwhitlock

Comment 4

a year ago
I've moved the edits to the Anonymous user, and deleted emarlukk:


Thank you for using MDN!
Last Resolved: a year ago
Flags: needinfo?(jwhitlock)
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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