[Windows Platform Only] Download icon becomes abnormal (Grey out) after user uses force-RTL plugin




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# Description
  While the "Open Downloads Folder" option is visible and then user uses force-RTL plugin to change layout, the download icon becomes abnormal (Grey out). This bug only happens on windows platform.
  I suggest to figure out the root cause and see if it causes by plugin or current browser design.

# Steps to reproduce
  01. Install force-RTL plugin (https://addons.mozilla.org/zh-tw/firefox/addon/force-rtl/)
  02. Click download icon to expend the download panel
  03. Click the dropmarker which is near the "Show All Download"
  04. Click the Tools -> "Force RTL Direction"
  05. Click the download icon

# Actual result:
  UI layout is changed to RTL, but download icon is greyed out

# Expected Result:
  UI layout is changed to RTL and all icons on the toolbar can be clicked

# Test Environment
   Firefox Nightly 51.0a1 on Windows 7

Comment 1

2 years ago
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Comment 2

2 years ago
If I understand the description correctly, this happen only with the Force RTL add-on, and not with right-to-left builds, correct? Does the issue persist after a restart?
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Comment 3

2 years ago
Good day, Paolo!:)

I cannot sure if it happens only with Force RTL add-on.
But, I can use Force RTL add-on to reproduce this bug.

Right-to-Left build works normal.
If user restarts the browser, the download icon works as normal.

This video may clearly demonstrate the bug.
- https://youtu.be/VxnQyX5HtKY

It seems to me that windows focus causes this bug. While I clicked "Tools" option, browser only hides the "Open Downloads Folder" option but the download panel is still there.

Thank you~!
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