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Run the clang static analysis everywhere


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This means making it easy to run locally as part of a user's workflow, so that we can add tests which fail more aggressively.

We really don't want to write static analysis passes which cause people's code to fail when they try to land it, even though it worked fine locally, if we can help it. Ideally we would make the clang plugin part of every user's toolkit, so that they run and discover the SA failures locally before pushing to try or trying to land.
We are working on the integration of static analyzer in mozreview, this is not exactly that you are asking but it will help!
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Can this be closed since now we have the following:
1. Mozreview static analysis for cpp 
2. Mach static analysis by doing mach static-analysis check ....

All of the 2 implementations use clang-tidy alongside our checkers implemented in build/clang-plugin.
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\o/ Thanks for your awesome work andi & sylvestre :-)
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