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We sending messages on Fx Desktop using Heartbeat to create awareness and downloads of Fx mobile.  Please help by localizing the strings.  

Strings found here:  https://docs.google.com/a/mozilla.com/spreadsheets/d/1l6Q8MPkTyY2DcHflxQoOif3X-0H6TASrRuZY6Jl0wCw/edit?usp=sharing
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This is where you will see the messages
Hello Matjaz,

Please use your magic to convert this to Pontoon friendly file so localizers can start translation there.  Once localized, we need the file converted back to spreadsheet with one language in either per column or per row.

Brazilian Port
Simplified Chinese
Spanish (Mexico)
Bahasa Indonesian

Deadline: Sept 12.

Question: how do we structure this file in Pontoon.  We can't keep adding new strings if we have another project set up like this as the language requirement might be different.  

We don't have to solve this problem now but this will be come an issue later on.

Assignee: pmo → m
Spanish is for es-ES.
Once strings are converted to a file format supported by Pontoon, we should really not try to go back to a spreadsheet.

One possible solution is to use .lang files in one of the existing repositories.
Lets do the .lang format, like we did in the past with Marketing.
Files have been added to the engagement-l10n repository, so they'll become available automatically in Pontoon.

Tracking dashboard:

As said, we're not going back to a spreadsheet format. You will have the translations available here as soon as there are any available

or through API

And please let's stop using copy and paste, that has proven the best way to mess up things, either by copying the wrong sentence or the wrong locale.
Assignee: m → pmo
Hi, I just started on the German translation and I have two questions:

(1) There is a full stop in the screenshot but not in the file. Are full stops added automatically?

(2) Where exactly does clicking on „Get it now“ take me? I’m asking because for the sake of shortness I translated it to mean „Download“. I wonder if that makes sense.

I assume the screenshot is only an example, and the source of truth is in the spreadsheet (i.e. no period).

NI for Mike to confirm, also where the button takes you.
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I've added zh-TW instead of zh-CN this morning. Since Peter already translated zh-TW, it would be great if we're able to use it.
@Mike, we have more communities that want to get involved.  Should we add them to the list?

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@peiying,At this stage, itll only be these languages.  The communities are welcome to localize if they would like in case we can further roll this out to more countries.

@michael - Clicking on "Get it now" takes the user to a landing page where they can send an email to themselves with a link to the Fx google play or app store (typically users will access this email on their phone) OR they can click directly to these stores from their desktop and download the app (less likely to happen since most downloads happen on the phone).

Because this message is served only on desktop, we have no way to detect the users preference for iOS or Android so we have this landing page for them to decide.
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@Mike, I would hate to ask the communities to do the work for "in case".  Can we check the dashboard and add them to the existing list if they made it by the deadline?

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@Peiying.  Lets limit to these locales. 

@flod no period is fine.
@ Rajesh and @ Ina, could you help with the localization request? 

https://l10n.mozilla-community.org/langchecker/?website=6&file=heartbeat/2016/sep2016.lang  The deadline is Sept 12.  

Thank you!
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Mike, what's the status of this project?  Do you still need Hindi? This is the only locale not done yet.
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Hi Peiying,

We delayed this until probably November, but we may pull it in earlier.  Lets get Hindi to complete the translation.
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Hi Peiying,

Sorry for delay! Just saw this. 
@Ravi will take care of it.
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Hi peiying,
Sorry for the delay, we will complete it.

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a year ago
Hi Peiying,

Hindi(hi-IN)Localization has been added to engagement-l10n repository.

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Thanks Ravi.

@Mike, we now have all the languages. Please mark the bug fixed if this is all you need to get done.
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Thank you all!
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