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[e10s] Accessible Caret is appeared even if PC have no touch screen on GTK3


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Actually, accessible caret is appeared when PC has touch screen.  Although my PC doesn't have touch screen, this caret is appeared when selecting text.

But this issue is only on Nightly e10s.  When I turn off e10s, this doesn't occur.

Although I add a comment by bug 1137555 comment #9 a past year, IsTouchDeviceSupportPresent runs on content process.  I think that this can fix by this method that runs on chrome process.
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Also, we disable xinput2 as default.  So if MOZ_USE_XINPUT2 isn't set, IsTouchDeviceSupportPresent might be able to return false.
If you only started seeing this recently, it's probably because in bug 1195722 I added a layout.accessiblecaret.enabled_on_touch pref (true by default) which enables the accessible caret if touch support is detected. But on Linux that should only happen if your IsTouchDeviceSupportPresent function is returning true - why it's doing that on a non-touchscreen device I have no idea. I don't think the content process/chrome process thing matters here, but maybe it does.
I am more investigating this issue...

More root cause is the following.
- Although we turn off xinput2 on main process, it isn't turned off on content process.  So gdk_device_manager_list_devices doesn't return same list on content process.  So IsTouchDeviceSupportPresent doesn't return same value on content vs chrome.
- I file GTK bug (  GTK might detect some mouse devices as touch screen.
/cc :acomminos, he might be interested in comment 3.
Comment on attachment 8798708 [details]
Bug 1299707 - Disable XInput2 without MOZ_USE_USE_XINPUT2 on content process.

Looks good, thank you!
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Disable XInput2 without MOZ_USE_USE_XINPUT2 on content process. r=acomminos
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Backed out changeset f82c28837b07 for crashes @ gdk_disable_multidevice
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