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Move KeyframeEffectReadOnly into KeyframeEffectReadOnly.cpp


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It's a bit confusing the KeyframeEffect and KeyframeEffectReadOnly both live in KeyframeEffect.cpp. It would be easier to find KeyframeEffectReadOnly's implementation if it lives in KeyframeEffectReadOnly.cpp and would also make the files smaller--KeyframeEffect.cpp would be just for adding the missing setters.
I went to split KeyframeEffect.webidl as well but came across trouble because:

1. Both KeyframeEffect.webidl and KeyframeEffectReadOnly.webidl include the following union:
   (unrestricted double or KeyframeEffectOptions)
2. As a result includes KeyframeEffectReadOnlyBinding.h in UnionTypes.h[1]
3. AnimationEffectReadOnlyBinding.h includes UnionTypes.h
4. KeyframeEffectReadOnlyBinding.h includes AnimationEffectReadOnlyBinding.h

As a result, there's a cyclic dependency so when we go to include AnimationEffectReadOnlyBinding.h from UnionTypes.h, it lacks the definitions for the union types it needs like OwningUnrestrictedDoubleOrString.

We could factor out (unrestricted double or KeyframeEffectOptions) into a typedef in a separate file I guess. Or perhaps it would be enough to move KeyframeEffectOptions to a separate file? For now I've just left everything in KeyframeEffect.webidl.

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Olli, would you mind reviewing just the webidl changes in part 2? Thanks.
Regarding the changes to some of the includes, I've generally been taking the approach that for:

  #include "ABC.h" // for ABC

we don't need the "for ABC" since it is redundant and just clutters the file. Instead I've been mostly following the following pattern:

  #include "ABC.h"
  #include "ABC.h" // for XYZ
  #include "ABC.h" // for ABC::SubType
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Bug 1300045 part 2 - Split KeyframeEffect.cpp into KeyframeEffect{ReadOnly}.cpp

r+ for the webidl
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Bug 1300045 part 1 - Tidy up some missing includes
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Bug 1300045 part 2 - Split KeyframeEffect.cpp into KeyframeEffect{ReadOnly}.cpp

::: dom/animation/Animation.h:19
(Diff revision 1)
> -#include "mozilla/dom/KeyframeEffect.h" // for KeyframeEffectReadOnly
> -#include "mozilla/dom/Promise.h" // for Promise
> +#include "mozilla/DOMEventTargetHelper.h"
> +#include "mozilla/dom/Promise.h"

Nit:  I think DOMEventTargetHelper.h may be prior dom/XX.h.
I am not sure about our sorting rules of include headers though.
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