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Consider adding a preference to auto-switch to an incoming remote tab


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When a remote tab is received, currently we do not auto-open it at all.

Once Bug 1300225 is complete and we'll start adding incoming tabs into the tabs tray, it's conceivable that a user might prefer to auto-switch to the new tab, instead of just seeing a notification prompting them to switch.

This pref could live as a toggle under Settings -> General, perhaps with a name similar to "Auto-switch to remote tabs", or "Switch to incoming remote tabs".
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I'm not convinced a setting is a good solution; It's a quick escape for a developer though. :-)

I'll flag antlam here too. Hopefully we can make a decision that is a good solution for the different use cases without the user needing to configure this. I'm not even sure if this is a global decision (auto-open always/never) or something I'd decide based on the actual tab I'm sending.
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Hm, I can see points for and against here. But I definitely want to err on the side of using a preference only when absolutely necessary.

I think we need to first define what "auto-open" means. 

1) Content is loaded, there is a new tab in the tray, and the number goes up.

2) Content is loaded, Firefox switches to the new tab in the foreground.

Right now, I think 1) makes the most sense. It's more conservative but is also more in the scope of a V1. 

So I'd say that this bug in particular should be parked for V1 for now. But I'll definitely be thinking about it.
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