new event inital start time and end time keeps duration



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Lightning 4.7




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Steps to reproduce:

If I create a new event there is a proposal of a start and end time (default duration 60min.) So far, so good.
If I change the start time then the end time is automatically changed to keep the duration of 60min altough the symbol of keeping the duration right from the time field is initially set to NOT KEEP THE DURATION.
If I'm clicking to it and again it works like it should.

What's not OK is the initial behaviour.

Actual results:

The duration of the event was kept.

Expected results:

On a new event the duration should not be kept, because the symbol shows that the duration is not kept.

Comment 1

2 years ago
The Keep-duration button allows to keep the duration with changes on the END DATE, instead the duration on the start date is always active (because is useful, and by far more frequent, moving an event by moving just the start date).

Visually, you can see the behavior with the arrows on top and bottom the button: the arrow head towards the date that will change automatically (keeping the event's duration) when the user changes the other date.
The bottom arrow is always displayed; the top arrow is displayed only when the button is pressed (the chain symbol means that BOTH the dates are linked and not only one).

Comment 2

2 years ago
@Decathlon: Thx for your explanation. It was my fault, I didn't got it.

This ticket can be closed - it's invalid.


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