I cannot log into mozilla support site with any one of 3 userids. Can't get new password. How can I contact SOMEONE without having to log into support site?



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(Reporter: caffreyc1945, Assigned: mdziewonski)


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Somehow, over time, I have created 3 mozilla logins.  The one to bugzilla.mozilla... works.  The other two, one to plain mozilla  (user id Cathleen) and one to support.mozilla (user id: caffreyc).  Both use same password as bugzilla account.  Neither will let me log in.  When I say I forgot my password, I do not get the reset email.

I cannot find ANY way to get help without loging into support.mozilla but I can't log in.

What do I do?  You must have SOME sort of emergency contact address.  


I am getting some files downloaded from mindspark over and over after removing them.  That's what I want help about.  They are put in users/my account/.profiles?/...mozilla/firefox/....  I do not want them downloaded but can only find ways to remove the files after they've been downloaded.  Since they are apparently loaded through Mozilla, I want to know how to stop this.  I searched for the topic of the mindspark files, questions about which are all over the web, and there wasn't one single entry your search retrieved.

So there are two problems:  why can't I log in and how to I stop files from being downloaded via Firebfox.

I am using this developer bug site because I could find no other way to get help.  Please someone, contact me and tell me how to get help.

Cathleen Caffrey  caffrec1945@sonic.net

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2 years ago
27 mindspark files are downloaded every day.
This doesn't look related to MDN, but to Firefox. Moving the bug there.
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2 years ago
Rachel, can you help Cathleen with her support account and/or question? Thanks!
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2 years ago
Thanks, Gijs!

I sent an email to Cathleen with (hopefully) helpful information regarding the issues she's encountering.
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2 years ago
caffrec1945@sonic.net is bouncing, so I hope the other account works for you, Cathleen (the one @att.net).

If you don't have access to that account, send me an email (vesper@mozilla.com) from a working account of yours, and we'll take it from there.
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