Switch to tab in the awesome bar does not switch to a new window




2 years ago
2 years ago


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2 years ago
Steps to reproduce:
1. Go to a site, say mozilla.org
2. Open a window. Type "Internet for people" into the awesome bar. (This is the title of the mozilla.org page right now.) The awesome bar shows the "switch to tab" option.
3. Hit tab to pick the first result, then hit enter.
4. Nothing happens. (The awesome bar disappears, but no navigation happens.)

In step 4, I would expect it to switch windows to the other window, and swap to the existing tab. Either that or just not offer that as an option.

Note that if I type "mozilla.org" into the awesome bar in step 3, then it does not offer the "switch to tab" option.

I don't think this is a recent regression.
Version 	48.0.2
Build ID 	20160823121617
User Agent 	Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:48.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/48.0
status-firefox48: --- → affected
status-firefox49: --- → affected
status-firefox50: --- → affected
status-firefox51: --- → affected
tracking-firefox48: --- → ?
tracking-firefox49: --- → ?
tracking-firefox50: --- → ?
tracking-firefox51: --- → ?
Component: Untriaged → Tabbed Browser
Hardware: Unspecified → All
it would still be nice to have a regression range, I'm almost sure this was working properly, so some of the changes to switching may have broken it.
Keywords: regression, regressionwindow-wanted
mozregression is reporting  1:29.00 ERROR: Build was expected to be bad! The initial good/bad range seems incorrect.

I will investigate some more, working as expected in Nightly, not sure why I saw failures earlier. Suspecting my profile as mozregression did not apply a specific profile; i'll test the different profiles i have

Steps I applied
1) Start Firefox on designated channel
2) Enter mozilla.org in location bar
3) From Menu select File New Window
4) In New Windows enter Internet in the location bar and then click Switch to Tab 
Results: Firefox successfully switches to new tab.
Flags: needinfo?(mak77)
Tracking 51+ while we continue to investigate this regression.
tracking-firefox51: ? → +
No need to track for 48 and track for 49+/50+ as this is a regression.
tracking-firefox48: ? → ---
tracking-firefox49: ? → +
tracking-firefox50: ? → +
it also seems to be WFM in current Nightly.
Andrew, can you reproduce this in current Nightly and eventually post more fine-grained STR for it?
Flags: needinfo?(mak77) → needinfo?(continuation)
Could not reproduce this in 49 RC2. 
Marking this wontfix for 49, not sure it was ever affected though.
status-firefox48: affected → wontfix
status-firefox49: affected → wontfix

Comment 8

2 years ago
I do still see this. I have a work week this week, but I'll try to put aside some time to investigate this some more. It is my number one Firefox annoyance at the moment. ;)

Comment 9

2 years ago
I looked at this today. I can't reproduce in a clean profile, either. I tried setting a few prefs in about:config that look related to the URL bar in the clean profile, but that didn't reproduce it either.

Comment 10

2 years ago
I don't think this is actually a regression.

I tried adding more of my prefs to a clean profile, but I still can't reproduce this.
Keywords: regression, regressionwindow-wanted

Comment 11

2 years ago
Well, I did "refresh Firefox" and it works again, so I guess something was weird with my profile settings.
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
Flags: needinfo?(continuation)
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
Per comment #11, mark 50/51 fix-optional.
status-firefox50: affected → fix-optional
status-firefox51: affected → fix-optional
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