Provide a way to bundle partner customizations in a bouncer.apk and sign it with the release key



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See bug 1284582 more discussion (we were trying to get a demo done).

One of the mechanisms we can provide to distributors that want to preload Fennec is a stub installer (bouncer) that is preloaded with their distribution customizations.

This stub installer is preloaded on the device and when launched, it installs the customizations and then routes to the play store to download Firefox. This only works if the bouncer apk is signed with the same cetificate as the official Firefox.

Currently we produce a signed bouncer.apk, but it has no customizations.

Similar to what we do for desktop distributions, we need to provide a way to bundle partner customizations into the bouncer and then have it signed with the official key so that we can distribute these to partners.
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