abspos element inside table stomps on the table's border (when using table as abspos containing block)




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 1. Load attached testcase.

Orange abspos element stomps on top of the table border.

Orange abspos element should be just inside table border (since abspos positioning area is the padding-box, which is inside the border).  At least, this is what would happen if the container were a block.

Chrome 54 gives EXPECTED RESULTS.
Firefox Nightly (51) gives ACTUAL RESULTS. So does Edge 14.

(Not sure who's right -- but apparently Yahoo Japan slightly depends on the Chrome behavior for the correct positioning of its "search" button in its auction search box as noted at https://github.com/webcompat/web-bugs/issues/1380#issuecomment-245190208 )

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testcase 1

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3 years ago
Huh, I think the relevant spec-text here is:
> 4. If the element has 'position: absolute', the containing block is established
> by the nearest ancestor with a 'position' of 'absolute', 'relative' or 'fixed',
> in the following way:
>   1. In the case that the ancestor is an inline element, [...]
>   2. Otherwise, the containing block is formed by the padding edge of the ancestor.

That leads me to believe that the table's padding-box (inside of the border-box) should form the containing block here.  It's a bit odd that Edge matches us, though. I wonder if there's some other table special-case defined elsewhere.

dbaron, do you know what might be going on here? Perhaps we're treating the nsTableWrapperFrame as our containing block? (and is there spec support for that?)
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3 years ago
Aha! There is some spec text about table wrapper boxes here:

> The table wrapper box establishes a block formatting context,
> and the table box establishes a table formatting context. [...]
> The width of the table wrapper box is the border-edge width of
> the table box inside it.
> The computed values of properties 'position', [...] are used on the table wrapper box and not the table box; 

This sounds like it's saying our behavior is correct -- the table wrapper box is indeed supposed to become the relatively-positioned box (the abspos containing block for descendants in the testcase), and it's the size of the table's border-box -- i.e. it's positioned outside the table's border. So abspos children at 0,0 should indeed stomp on the table's border.
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3 years ago
I guess I'll close this as INVALID and file a Chrome bug, then.
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
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