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Intermittent toolkit/components/url-classifier/tests/mochitest/test_gethash.html | Test timed out.


(Toolkit :: Safe Browsing, defect, P2)




Tracking Status
firefox50 --- fixed
firefox51 --- fixed
firefox52 --- fixed


(Reporter: intermittent-bug-filer, Assigned: dimi)


(Keywords: intermittent-failure)


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Dimi, is this something that should be fixed by your recent fixes to the tests?
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It doesn't look like any of the problem solved recently.
I will check this.
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I found the error occurs whiles regular update[1] happens when running test_gethash.html.
I am still investigating why it breaks test_gethash.

Priority: P1 → P2
just an update that regular update may block test_gethash update[1], but for some reason the update retry[2] is not triggered so the testcase fail.

I'll keep checking.

Sorry for not updating this bug for a while, the reproduce rate is really low so it did take more time to debug this.

What I have found so far is that the retry timer is released before triggering retry. I guess it might be related to the timer life cycle in javascript. I will keep working on this bug.
After investigating, I think the root cause is that sometimes the timer is released by gc before it is fired.

Following is try result after applying the patch, i think it should be fixed because i have run the test more than 10000 times and it didn't happen again.
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Bug 1301269 - Fix update retry timer is released before firing.
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Fix update retry timer is released before firing. r=francois
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I apparently forgot to mark the bug when uplifting this to Beta a couple weeks ago.
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