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The "open raw log" link on doesn't work: it just opens up which then says there is no such job (because it wasn't handed a job id).

The DOM looks like this:

  <a title="Open the raw log in a new window" target="_blank" href="">
    stuff here

Note the not-so-great href value.
Summary: Raw log links brooken → Raw log links broken
The link's supposed to get parsed in here:

No clue why it isn't.
Fallout from bug 1258861, I'll fix. We no longer use the text log artifact here.
Assignee: nobody → wlachance
Blocks: 1258861
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Sorry, we should have caught this earlier. The fix is simple and has already been deployed to production as a hotfix.
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Looks like what I would do.
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Is this deployed?  Because I'm still seeing the same broken behavior...
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I'm almost positive this was deployed to production, but I still see the broken behavior with the link from comment 0 (and more recent failures, if jobs needed to be ingested after this was deployed), too...

But if I run ./web-server.js locally with the tip of the master branch, it works for me.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Hmm, yes, still seems to reproducible. Weird, my fix work locally. Investigating...
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There was a race between downloading the job information and rendering the template, because I added an "optimization" to not re-render the link on a digest cycle. In practice, the time taken to re-render the template is trivial.

Lesson learned: only use the "::" syntax where you really need it, and be careful about follow on effects.

I've applied the change as a hotfix to production, but I'll file this for review all the same. :)
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Commit pushed to master at
Bug 1302224 - Make sure raw log link in logviewer works (#1850)

We need to update the template value on angular digest cycles, because
we can't count on the "raw log url" being available when we first render the
template (the job may still be loading).
Hopefully this is really fixed now.
Last Resolved: 3 years ago3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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