The new Find Whole Word/ Find Exact String Option does not find Chinese words




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11 months ago
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11 months ago
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Steps to reproduce:

In nightly beta, use find in page with the new whole word option to search for the single character word 在 on the page 

Actual results:

only one instance is found - " 在1960" - the one in which the word is surrounded by non-CJK characters.

Expected results:

many matches should have shown up, basically the same set as when whole word matching was not used.

Comment 1

11 months ago
If you try a similar search in other browsers that support the whole word option, they do find Chinese words even with the whole word option selected.

The current code appears to rely on a word break which determines breaks as changes in character class.  I suspect the current code does not work well for any language that does not separate words by spaces -- Thai, Chinese, Japanese.   There is some more info here about languages that do not use spaces
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Comment 2

11 months ago
"which only matches strings surrounded by word-breaking characters, like spaces or punctuation marks in latin-derived languages.", from bug 1282759.
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No longer blocks: 269422
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