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out of control flash script can bring entire browser to its knees


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Load this page in a fresh nightly 51 with e10s and flash enabled:

It may depend on the exact adds served, but I see the plugin container growing in memory over time.  It grows slowly at first but after a few minutes on my machine it falls off the cliff spiking to over 2GB.

When the browser parent has trouble handling requests from the content child processes.  For example, I can't open a new page at the moment.  The other symptom I have seen is that typing in a content window textbox becomes extremely slow.  (For example a gmail compose window.)

When it gets into this state I see the "slow script" banner briefly popping down every few seconds.  It does not stay down long enough for me to click anything.

I cannot close the offending tab in this situation.  I have to manually kill the plugin container process for the browser to recover.

This seems to affect both e10s and non-e10s.  The symptoms above are for e10s.  In non-e10s the entire browser chrome starts becoming unresponsive.  The entire browser just freezes.
Here's a profile:

A pretty insane amount of sync RPC from the plugin container to the parent process here.

Benjamin, do you know who would be best to look at this sort of thing?
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This seems to be a case of "websites can hang content". Plugins are inherently synchronous with respect to content.

If there's a straight-up hang, we're supposed to show a plugin hang dialog (on Windows) after 10 seconds, or kill the plugin outright after 60 seconds. But if this a case of the plugin just being very slow or ilooping, it's basically the same as if a website had setTimeout iloop or similar hogging usage.
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I'm fixing the setTimeout case over in bug 1300659.  Perhaps this will be addressed by my plans in bug 1284369.
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