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(Reporter: clouserw, Assigned: relud)


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1301526 +++

Please deploy .  

This is a big cycle for us (pushing 3 new experiments) plus 49 just shipped with e10s special flags in it.  We'd like to get some extra QA time so we'd like to push this tag:

* Anytime on Wednesday (today)
* The normal time Thursday afternoon
* Likely again on Friday with any last minute content changes from other teams

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a year ago
To be clear, the deployment times above refer to *stage* :)

Comment 2

a year ago
stage deploy initiated, should be up in 20 minutes.
Assignee: nobody → dthorn

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a year ago
deployed to stage
Updated this bug to request another stage push:
Summary: Deploy TestPilot 2016-09-21 → Deploy TestPilot 2016-09-22

Comment 5

a year ago
deployed to stage
Updated tag

Please push to stage.
Summary: Deploy TestPilot 2016-09-22 → Deploy TestPilot 2016-09-23

Comment 7

a year ago
stage is up
Hi guys,

We have finalized running the Full Functional suite on stage server and here are our findings:

New issues:
1. "Enabling..." state wrongly displayed when disabling an experiment and vice versa if the page is not refreshed between actions -
2. If Test Pilot is installed from an experiment page, the "Welcome" pop-up is only displayed after navigating to "Experiments" page -

Known issues:
1. Clicking "Home" button from retire page displayed after Test Pilot uninstall, wrongly redirects you to experiments page -
2. Min-Vid is not working on Nightly / Dev edition / Beta - 
3. The "Enabled" tag is still displayed on Test Pilot pages after manually disabling or removing an experiment from "about:addons" page -

We also ran the update from legacy Test Pilot versions and it seems to be still working. 
And we have performed a couple of basic add-ons pairing tests between the old experiments and new ones and no issues were observed.

From QA point of view, we consider the first issue from new issues and the first one from known issues as pretty important to be fixed before release.
We identified as something we want to get fixed today.

It's been merged, and tagged in

Timeline (PST)

Today: Daniel -- please push to stage.
Tonight: Paul/Cosmin -- please post in this bug once you have verified that stage looks okay.
Tomorrow AM: Cory -- update this bug approving for a push to production.
Tomorrow AM: Daniel -- push to production.
Tomorrow AM: Paul/Cosmin -- verify production.
Summary: Deploy TestPilot 2016-09-23 → Deploy TestPilot 2016-09-26
Stage is up! NI Paul to please post in this bug once you have verified staging.
Flags: needinfo?(paul.oiegas)

Comment 11

a year ago
2016-09-26-1 is up in stage
We just finalized testing the fix for and everything seems to work well now. Tested on staging server with both Nightly and Release (49.0.1) builds.
Flags: needinfo?(paul.oiegas)

Comment 13

a year ago
2016-09-26-1 is up in prod
Last Resolved: a year ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Finalized Public server deployment verification. Everything looks good and no issues related to the deployment were found except the already known ones. 
Only one new issue unrelated to the deploy (responsive UI) was found and will be logged tomorrow.
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