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Allow try pushes from an aurora tree to get useful l10n results.


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(firefox51 fixed, firefox52 wontfix)

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With (and android) in place, now pushes to try from aurora could trigger l10n jobs.

These jobs will fail to do as expected for a few reasons.
 * The locale repo clones will come from central l10n repos, not aurora, and fail due to missing repos (c.f. Bug 1305061 )
 * The actual english binary pulled will be from central (if we even get that far) due to the configs.

While the configs themselves are sub-optimal, and that this patch itself won't survive the next uplift, while I was in touching these configs for 1305061 I figured I might as well make a push to try for aurora still work for l10n.
(marking status firefox-52 explicitly as wontfix, for this bug, since the patch is only for gecko 51 (aurora) )

It could just as easily land with a seperate bug on Gecko 52 once that uplifts to aurora though.
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Bug 1305126 - Allow try pushes from an aurora tree to get useful l10n results.

This works.  They'd have to be changed every merge day, which isn't an ideal solution.

A longer term solution might involve something like:

config['tree_specific_config'] = {
    "aurora": {
        "en_us_binary_url": "",

and then a way to point at the right tree for that information.  That might allow us to also reduce the number of single locale configs in general.

Alternately, since we already have a, if we can launch try with --cfg single_locale/ --cfg single_locale/, that could work for everything but the hg repo.

Just brainstorming.  I think this patch is fine for now.
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