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./mach run to run the fennec emulator build doesn't work on OS X


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My mozconfig is at [1]. On an OS X machine, I did a ./mach build && ./mach package followed by a ./mach run. This used to work but now it fails. See attachment for the output when I try to run.

It seems to be complaining about the line at [1] which was last touched by jgriffin. Any thoughts?

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I re-ran ./mach bootstrap and after working around bug 1280165 I'm doing a clobber build, let's see if that behaves better.
Still getting the same error after a clobbered bootstrapped build.
Seems like a library problem; see e.g.,
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I tried the things suggested in that post but none of them worked. I still consider this a Firefox build system bug since bootstrap should install everything needed.
I managed to get this working after updating the xcode CLT and uninstalling/reinstalling python from homebrew.
Product: Firefox for Android → Firefox Build System
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