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Use fewer files from in web-platform-tests


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Bug 1286900 started using most WPT files from a source checkout (namely tests and meta files). But we still rely on several files from This bug is about reducing that dependency, possibly even eliminating it.
chmanchester: you may care about the patch that introduced
Gah - mozinfo.json isn't working right on TC with this series. I'll look into it tomorrow. Buildbot is fine though. for the curious.
Blocks: 1305205
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Bug 1305795 - Produce a with binary files;

::: python/mozbuild/mozbuild/
(Diff revision 5)
> +    # TODO reconsider doing this.
> +    # When we introduced test artifact processing, the point was to extract
> +    # bin/* files from into a smaller zip. Now that we have
> +    #, this extract step may not be necessary and we can perform
> +    # any filtering (if we need to do it at all) during archive extraction
> +    # time.

I don't think this comment is adding much. It would apply nearly equally to the packaged build we handle, so implies we should re-write that too. I don't agree with the premise, but if you'd like to discuss this I think it would be better off tracked in a follow up bug.
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Depends on: 1306098
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Bug 1305795 - Set mozinfo_json_url property;

::: testing/mozharness/mozharness/mozilla/
(Diff revision 3)
> -            p['packageUrl'] if p.get('packageUrl') else None,
> -            p['testPackagesUrl'] if p.get('testPackagesUrl') else None,
> -            p['symbolsUrl'] if p.get('symbolsUrl') else None
> +            p.get('packageUrl') or None,
> +            p.get('testPackagesUrl') or None,
> +            p.get('symbolsUrl') or None,
> +            p.get('mozinfoJsonUrl') or None,

Is the `or None` part even necessary?
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Bug 1305795 - Stop extracting web-platform directory;
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Bug 1305795 - Remove pull action from WPT script;
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I'm not aware of any current plans to move to using the source checkouts for tests directly (but I still think we would benefit from doing that!).

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