pick up network cards for releng seed node



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2 years ago
met up with dell rep and they gave me a dual and a quad port NIC. opened up the dell box and it turns out there are no riser cards installed.
Assignee: server-ops-dcops → vle
colo-trip: --- → scl3
QA Contact: cshields

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2 years ago
riser card picked up and installed along with the dual port NIC. uplink is connected to port 1. however you're gonna need to go into the system settings > device settings and enable pxeboot for the external card.

i tried to do this through iDRAC but couldn't find the setting to enable this so i had to use the virtual console.

it also looks like the system is alerting for fan1. i opened up the chassis and fan1 is not installed. might be a requirement now since we now have a riser with an additional card installed.

NIC in Slot 1 Port 1 Partition 1
Link connection
Link Status	Up
Link Speed	1000 Mbps
OS Driver State	Operational
Auto Negotiation	Enabled
MAC Addresses
MAC Addresses	 A0:36:9F:03:99:D4
Virtual MAC Addresses	A0:36:9F:03:99:D4
Port Properties
Family Firmware Version	13.0.0
Family Driver Version
PCI Device ID	1521
Settings and Capabilities
Wake On LAN	Capable
Energy Efficient Ethernet	Capable
Supported Boot Protocol	iSCSI, PXE
Statistics: Ethernet
Receive Statistics
Total Bytes	Not Applicable
Total Unicast Packets	0
Total Multicast Packets	0
Total Broadcast Packets	0
False Carrier Detection	Not Applicable
FCS Errors	0
Alignment Errors	0
Runt Errors	Not Applicable
Jabber Errors	Not Applicable
Transmit Statistics
Total Bytes	Not Applicable
Total Unicast Packets	0
Total Multicast Packets	0
Total Broadcast Packets	0
Single Collision Frames	Not Applicable
Multiple Collision Frames	Not Applicable
Late Collision Frames	Not Applicable
Excessive Collision	Not Applicable
Initiator and Storage Target Settings
iSCSI Initiator Settings
IP Address
iSCSI Storage Target Settings
First Target IP Address
First Target TCP Port	3260
First Target Boot Lun	0

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2 years ago
+q and arr for my notes. let me know if you still need further assistance.
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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