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Steps to reproduce:

1. This is a suggestion to add a default signature when email accounts are set up. Two suggestions are:
a) Get Thunderbird
   ‘Thunderbird’ is a hyperlink:
b) Sent with Thunderbird
   ‘Thunderbird’ is a hyperlink:

2. Having a short signature will simplify translation into other languages.

3. Perhaps the link could be updated to:, i.e. http → https. Not sure if this matters as it redirects to:

4. Additionally, would
a) redirect to the locale of the device; and/or
b) understand arguments,, to redirect to the magyar (Hungarian):

5. The signature should be able to be removed; however, having it as a default will help with the marketing of Thunderbird.

6. It seems that other default signatures people have, and are happy to freely advertise, are:
a) Get Outlook for iOS
   ‘Outlook for iOS’ is a hyperlink:
b) Get Outlook for Android
   ‘Outlook for Android’ is a hyperlink:
c) Sent from my iPhone
d) Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Thank you

Comment 1

2 years ago
Created attachment 8795606 [details]
File for which supports language attribute in redirection

Attachment may need to be renamed to index.html
If a php file is required, the file can be changed and renamed with a php extension.

index.htm           redirects to
index.htm?hl=       redirects to
index.htm?hl=ar     redirects to
index.htm?hl=ast    redirects to
index.htm?hl=bg     redirects to
index.htm?hl=br     redirects to
index.htm?hl=ca     redirects to
index.htm?hl=cs     redirects to
index.htm?hl=cy     redirects to
index.htm?hl=da     redirects to
index.htm?hl=de     redirects to
index.htm?hl=dsb    redirects to
index.htm?hl=el     redirects to
index.htm?hl=en-GB  redirects to
index.htm?hl=en-US  redirects to
index.htm?hl=es     redirects to
index.htm?hl=es-AR  redirects to
index.htm?hl=es-ES  redirects to
index.htm?hl=et     redirects to
index.htm?hl=eu     redirects to
index.htm?hl=fi     redirects to
index.htm?hl=fr     redirects to
index.htm?hl=fy     redirects to
index.htm?hl=fy-NL  redirects to
index.htm?hl=ga     redirects to
index.htm?hl=ga-IE  redirects to
index.htm?hl=gd     redirects to
index.htm?hl=gl     redirects to
index.htm?hl=he     redirects to
index.htm?hl=hr     redirects to
index.htm?hl=hsb    redirects to
index.htm?hl=hu     redirects to
index.htm?hl=hy     redirects to
index.htm?hl=hy-AM  redirects to
index.htm?hl=id     redirects to
index.htm?hl=is     redirects to
index.htm?hl=it     redirects to
index.htm?hl=jp     redirects to
index.htm?hl=ko     redirects to
index.htm?hl=lt     redirects to
index.htm?hl=rb-NO  redirects to
index.htm?hl=NO     redirects to
index.htm?hl=nl     redirects to
index.htm?hl=nn-NO  redirects to
index.htm?hl=pa     redirects to
index.htm?hl=pa-IN  redirects to
index.htm?hl=pl     redirects to
index.htm?hl=pt-BR  redirects to
index.htm?hl=pt-PT  redirects to
index.htm?hl=rm     redirects to
index.htm?hl=ro     redirects to
index.htm?hl=ru     redirects to
index.htm?hl=si     redirects to
index.htm?hl=sk     redirects to
index.htm?hl=sl     redirects to
index.htm?hl=sq     redirects to
index.htm?hl=sr     redirects to
index.htm?hl=sv-SE  redirects to
index.htm?hl=tr     redirects to
index.htm?hl=uk     redirects to
index.htm?hl=vi     redirects to
index.htm?hl=zh     redirects to
index.htm?hl=zh-CN  redirects to
index.htm?hl=zh-TW  redirects to
To me this is a clear WONTFIX, but perhaps our marketing people think differently.
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Flags: needinfo?(mkmelin+mozilla)

Comment 3

2 years ago
We need a category that says "We would not accept a patch for this today, but we might reconsider in the future". I appreciate the forward thinking, ovari21, but it is really critical that we very carefully consider any point where we intrude upon the attention stream of our users. I don't really have time today to consider the issues behind this any deeper than that.
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Comment 4

2 years ago
Yep, I don't think we want this.
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
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Resolution: --- → WONTFIX

Comment 5

2 years ago
(In reply to Kent James (:rkent) from comment #3)
Thank you Jorg, Kent and Magnus for your responses.

How could 4.a) be implemented? Attachment 8795606 [details] has the code, just needs to be uploaded to

Thank you

Comment 6

2 years ago
I don't know anything about the code, but locale detection is better handled server side, on the end point. Why specify a locale on
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