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a year ago
I'm filing this on behalf of one of our testers for the ga-IE locale.  He's on Aurora, version 51.0a2, on a Galaxy A5, Android version 6.0.1.

This looks like the same issue that was reported (and fixed) in bug 808595.

I don't have any more information than the above, but can ask our tester for anything else that's needed to try and reproduce the issue.
We would need more info. Is there any consistent way to reproduce this? Does it happen on a specific day or time? When switching networks? Are they running any sort of custom version of Android (Flashed the device with CyanogenMod for example)? 

Note tapping on the notification will initiate the download. Swiping away the notification or using the notification bar's dismiss notifications button should not trigger the download. Pressing check for updates in about:firefox will automatically initiate a download as well.

Since they are on Aurora will the multi locale build at function for their needs? It would place Play in control of the updates.

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a year ago
He wasn't able to offer much more info; apparently it's happened twice and he hasn't been able to reproduce.

I'm going to suggest that he try the multi-locale build since that should suffice in terms of catching early l10n errors.   Thanks.
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