View source tab broken after quitting fullscreen mode with custom settings "toolbar[inFullscreen] {display: none}" in userChrome.css




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Steps to reproduce:

Firefox exits fullscreen when the mouse touches the top border of the screen. I want to turn off this "built in" firefox function. -So I edited the ...

... userChrome.css (using Notepad), and entered the following line:

toolbar[inFullscreen] {display: none}

Then I restarted the Firefox browser ...

... and to test the BUG, I
1) ran firefox
2) navigate to the page
3) pressed F11 (then Firefox goes to fullscreen Mode)
4) while holding CTRL I clicked the right mouse button "view source"
5) I pressed F11 (this changed the Fullscreen Mode to normal mode/resized mode)

Actual results:

When I closed the newest tab, the page "" disappears/vanishes completely and the page is "wiped out" (the shortcut CTRL+Shift+T brings back the page )

Expected results:

the page "" shouldn't disappear.

-Here is my german thread:

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2 years ago
It's an issue with fullscreen mode and source-view in tab.


2 years ago
Blocks: 1067325
Component: Untriaged → View Source
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
Summary: FF: Website vanishes,when disabling fullscreen in userChrome.css → View source tab broken after quitting fullscreen mode with custom settings "toolbar[inFullscreen] {display: none}" in userChrome.css

Comment 2

2 years ago
Created attachment 8796178 [details]
Hmm, that's a surprising outcome!  I would say for now this will be low priority since it involves specific userChrome.css customizations to encounter the issue.  Thanks for the report!
Ever confirmed: true
Priority: -- → P5

Comment 4

2 years ago
Here is another sample to test the Bug:

1) run firefox (and navigate to a website, eg.
2) press F11 (then Firefox goes to fullscreen Mode)
3) press windows key+D (now the Windows desktop is visible)
4) using the right mouse button click a local *.pdf file, then "SendTo-> Firefox" or: "Open with-> Firefox"
5) press F11 again (this resizes the fullscreen Mode to normal mode)

Actual result:
1) the newest tab in Firefox has no caption (normally the caption should be the pdf title!)
2) when closing the newest tab, the page in 1st tab disappears/vanishes completely (use CTRL+Shift+T to bring back the 1st tab)

screenshot :
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