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Rename prio() annotation to nesting; add new prio() annotation


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This will allow us to use prio() for event queue priority, which makes more sense. The nesting annotation can be something like:
  nesting(inside_sync) // formerly prio(high)
  nesting(inside_cpow) // formerly prio(urgent)
This is a pretty straightforward renaming. The only hard part was trying to get English phrases in comments to make sense using the new language. I sort of settled on "nested level" as a replacement for priority. I think "nested" is a little better than "nesting" because it makes it clear that it's about what the message can nest in rather than what can nest inside it.

I left space in the message for a priority bit, which will be used in the next patch. In this patch it's always unset.
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This patch adds a prio() annotation to IPDL that is orthogonal to nested(). Right now it doesn't do anything. In bug 1306591 Thinker is going to use it to post messages to a special event queue that will be processed preferentially.
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Rename prio to nested in IPDL (r=dvander)
Add prio() for message priority to IPDL (r=dvander)
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Revert "Bug 1306708 - Fix rebasing bustage on a CLOSED TREE"
Revert "Bug 1306708 - Add prio() for message priority to IPDL (r=dvander)"
Revert "Bug 1306708 - Rename prio to nested in IPDL (r=dvander)" on a CLOSED TREE
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Rename prio to nested in IPDL (r=dvander)
Add prio() for message priority to IPDL (r=dvander)
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