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Remove global file-read-metadata rule and unused macros from OS X content sandbox


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This bug addresses a couple of low priority policy cleanup opportunities.

1) The content sandbox has the redundant rule (allow file-read-metadata) which allows reading of metadata for any file the user has access to. It's redundant because other rules, specifically the level 1 and 2 specific rules, setup the global filesystem access depending of the level. For example, for level 1 we allow read access to anywhere on the filesystem that the OS permits with 

  ; level 1: global read access permitted, no home write access
    (if (= sandbox-level 1)\n"
        (allow file-read*)\n"
        (allow file-write* (require-not (subpath home-path)))))

so having another rule allowing global file-read-metadata is error prone and confusing.

2) We can also remove these unused macros.

  (define (container-regex container-relative-regex) ...)
  (define (container-subpath container-relative-subpath) ...)
  (define (container-literal container-relative-literal) ...)
  (define (appdir-regex appdir-relative-regex) ...)
  (define (appdir-subpath appdir-relative-subpath) ...)
  (define (appdir-literal appdir-relative-literal) ...)
Assignee: nobody → haftandilian
Whiteboard: sbmc2
Try results with just the (allow file-read-metadata) removed.
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Bug 1307282 - Remove unused sandbox ruleset macros;
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Bug 1307282 - Remove redundant read-metadata rights from the content sandbox;
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Why do these two commits have identical commit messages?
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(In reply to Ryan VanderMeulen [:RyanVM] from comment #6)
> Why do these two commits have identical commit messages?

Fixed. Sorry, didn't realize that was a problem. Both commit messages had the same first line and differentiating second lines.
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Remove unused sandbox ruleset macros; r=gcp
Remove redundant read-metadata rights from the content sandbox; r=gcp
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