Unable to enter 'Description' for new events



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Lightning 4.7.3



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Steps to reproduce:

Today I installed the latest updates on my Ubuntu system. Now the Thunderbird/Lightning calendar is badly broken.

Thunderbird 45.3.0.
Lightning 4.7.3.
Platform Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

To replicate:
1) Create a new event.
2) Click on Invite Attendees.
3) Type in a valid colleague's address.
4) The OK button no longer does anything. It does not close the window and it does not save the invitation list.
5) Additionally, the 'Description' tab in the 'New Event' dialogue is blank and it cannot be edited. Ie, I am now unable to enter descriptions for new events (or to invite people).

Actual results:

1) The OK button did not close the 'Invite Attendees' dialogue.
2) I was unable to enter a Description for the new event.

Expected results:

1) I should have been able to enter the names/emails of invitees and then click OK to save that list.
2) I should be able to enter the Description text into the New Event dialog.


2 years ago
OS: Unspecified → Linux
Hardware: Unspecified → x86_64


2 years ago
Component: Untriaged → Dialogs
Product: Thunderbird → Calendar
Version: 45 Branch → Lightning 4.7.3
This is a known problem caused by the Exchange EWS Provider extension. Do you use this extension? If yes please upgrade to the latest release of this extension.

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2 years ago
Hi Stefan. Many thanks for the fast response. Yes I do indeed use that extension. I will check if there is an updated version available tomorrow and confirm if this fixes the issue. I did also try to create a new event in my Google Calendar with Lightning today and I saw the same problems, however maybe the Exchange provider breaks the functionality regardless of which calendar is selected. Thanks again.

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2 years ago
Thank you - updating the extension resolved both issues.
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