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hg error in cmd: hg rewritecommitdescriptions


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In bug 1302949 I went to land the patches using autoland but it failed with:

  hg error in cmd: hg rewritecommitdescriptions --descriptions=/tmp/tmpN1AaCj c0330b104afb4b970569c0cb650315e633b7e796: saved backup bundle to /repos/mozreview-gecko/.hg/strip-backup/570ed28437ec-ed2e6a2d-replacing.hg
  warning: ignoring unknown working parent 404b4c62026f!
  rev: 2403ee41f8a7 -> cf86013fc470
  rev: 4a44d4265603 -> 7e9e39cf1d55
  rev: b0532e144b32 -> 4f5bc2124239
  rev: 83e415febf10 -> dbf5876ca8f5
  rev: edeaec568446 -> 3cc102c8a257
  rev: d2dc5162ff63 -> c321819b2494
  rev: 570ed28437ec -> 5fe85d632356
  abort: unknown revision '404b4c62026f5ddec7f7cffa66218049d3f2e741'!

Some background to the bug:

1. It was created on the stylo incubator repository with patches touching Servo and Gecko code
2. It was reviewed using MozReview
3. After review I split the patches up into a Servo PR and Gecko-only patches for landing on mozilla-central
4. Furthermore, I split one of the Gecko-only patches into two since I received review feedback to that effect.
5. I re-pushed the Gecko-only patches to MozReview (of which the total number was fewer than before since the Servo-only patches were not included)
6. Looking at the MozReview review summary, MozReview managed to line up the reviews with the new patches quite well (I made sure the commit IDs were preserved)
7. As is always the case with MozReview, despite getting an r+ which included feedback that I should split a patch, I still needed to re-request review on the new patch in order to be able to use autoland (a minor gripe of mine :) ).
(8. After getting review on the split patch I made a minor tweak to one of the other patches, re-pushed to MozReview, and resolved an issue---I don't expect any of this made a difference however)
9. When I went to autoland it gave me a preview of the commit messages but they appeared to be wrong -- in particular, although I had cleared the name of the reviewer of Servo parts of the patches, they re-appeared. Furthermore, the new patch I added in (4) had both reviewers' names assigned to it.
10. I decided to ignore it and just try pushing anyway but it failed with the error listed above.
This happened to me again on a regular commit based on mozilla-central.
Product: MozReview → Conduit
MozReview is being decommissioned, and this bug shouldn't affect Lando.
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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