deploy regional office ssh jumphosts until office VPNs are back



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Same issue as bug 982372 2 years ago -- the office-specific VPNs are pretty important for actually being able to do low-latency access to your local machines in the office.  The global VPN has ~200ms latency to machines in the Toronto office, whereas I have 15ms latency to  That VPN host no longer seems to work (jlin tells me it was shut down a while ago?).

I realize that maintaining a VPN might be a lot of work, but can we at least get a ssh jumphost per office, or document it if we already have it?  My specific need is for Toronto, but I assume people in other offices would appreciate this.
To ask an interesting question that isn't asked frequently:

What is your latency-sensitive use case, where the 200ms latency to Toronto is causing issues?

(I just want to make sure everyone solves the problem in a way that meets your needs.)
(RESO INVA since no reply from requestor, but you are absolutely welcome to reopen with more details about your use case(s) at any time.)
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