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Intermittent tests\jit-test\jit-test\tests\basic\bug1296249.js | Timeout (code 1, args "--ion-eager --ion-offthread-compile=off --non-writable-jitcode --ion-check-range-analysis --ion-extra-checks --no-sse3 --no-threads")


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firefox50 --- unaffected
firefox51 --- fixed
firefox52 --- fixed


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It seems that the testcase added in bug 1296249 takes a lot of time.
Can we make it quicker by decreasing the number of items it needs to allocate and still have the testcase triggering on the issue that was fixed by that bug?
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Since the bug happens on windows8-64 only, and the link you gave suggests that it only a problem on the debug builds, I found this info about malloc on windows8 64-bit and debug builds:

"The debug heap also fills new memory blocks with a known value." (Note the debug heap is used when _DEBUG is not defined.)

I think that memset()ing the huge amount of memory during debug mode is causing the timeout. What do you think?

I think that the fix is to disable memset()ing huge memory allocations by using _IGNORE_BLOCK during _malloc_dbg() while in debug mode on windows 8 64-bit:
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(In reply to Sander Mathijs van Veen from comment #4)
> I think that memset()ing the huge amount of memory during debug mode is
> causing the timeout. What do you think?

That totally makes sense. The extra things in debug builds probably takes a lot more time. Not sure we should disable those extra "checks". If we could decrease the runtime while still testing the "bug" this revision fixed, we would have both. Else we might just add it to the long-running list.
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Added js function that we discussed on IRC.

Try job results are good:
Although I'm not sure if I've selected the right try job options to execute the jit tests on windows 8.
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Win8 debug on that Try push doesn't look amused.
Marked test case as slow, as discussed on IRC.
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