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properties-db.js needs to be usefully diffable/patchable (i.e. it should not have 100,000-character lines)


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Right now, the (generated) source file properties-db.js has most of its contents on a line that is over 100,000 characters long (starting with exports.CSS_PROPERTIES)

It's got another line that's 15,000 characters long (starting with "+exports.PREFERENCES")

This means that whenever we need to regenerate this file (e.g. when we add/remove CSS properties), we just have to trust that the changes are sane, since the diff looks like:
-[around 100,000 characters]
+[around 100,000 characters]

This file needs to be generated in more bite-sized chunks (e.g. maybe a newline after every comma, or something like that), so that autogenerated changes to it can be verified / sanity-checked by a human.
In particular, neerja ran into a test-failure when changing some CSS properties over on bug 1300895 and had to run the mach command to regenerate the file. That produced a 240 KB diff, which no diff viewer can usefully display:

I'd like us to fix this file so that we can actually generate useful diffs before we patch it over in bug 1300895.

gtatum / tromey, based on hg log, it looks like you've been maintaining this file. Could one of you take this & adjust its autogeneration script to make it produce shorter lines?
(If it'd be possible to fix this in the next day or so, that would be awesome - this is blocking us from landing bug 1300895. 

[perhaps it doesn't technically *need* to block that bug -- but I think it should, because it doesn't make sense to me a patch to rename some CSS properties (bug 1300895's fix) should have to be 95% composed of a non-human-auditable autogenerated rewriting of a test data-file]
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(by "next day or so" I meant business-day, of course - I know it's Friday right now. :))
Sounds totally reasonable. I originally had the generated code mixed in with non-generated code so I wanted to make it obvious. Now it's generated with a template and has warning messages at the top that it's auto-generated.
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Bug 1308651 - Make css properties db diffable and human readable;

Thank you.  This looks good.
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Make css properties db diffable and human readable; r=tromey
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