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Remove preference testing from test_css-properties.js


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The CSS properties database originally tried to capture information about how the compile time flags and preferences worked together to determine if a css property was valid or not on a given platform. The compile time flags ended up making this difficult to do, so the test enforcing the database was changed to be nightly only. Because of this, now it makes sense to strip out the preferences from the database, as it is just noise that doesn't contribute anything.

The CSS database will represent the default properties on nightly gecko as given by the combination of preferences and compile time flags.
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Bug 1309040 - Update mach devtools-css-db to be more accurate in generating the db;

Thank you.  This looks good.  I opened a couple of minor issues, but nothing too serious.

::: devtools/shared/css/generated/
(Diff revision 1)
>  import json
>  import os
>  import sys
>  import string
>  import subprocess
>  from mozbuild import shellutil

I think the shellutil import isn't needed any more.

::: devtools/shared/css/generated/
(Diff revision 1)
>              js_template =
>          preamble = '/* THIS IS AN AUTOGENERATED FILE.  DO NOT EDIT */\n\n'
>          contents = string.Template(js_template).substitute(substitutions)
> -        with open(destination_path, 'wb') as destination:
> +        with open(destination_path, 'wb+') as destination:

I don't understand the need for this change.
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Update mach devtools-css-db to be more accurate in generating the db; r=tromey
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