Crashes when visiting instances of Open-Xchange, like




DOM: Content Processes
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Windows 10

Firefox Tracking Flags

(firefox52 wontfix)


Symptoms of those crashes are freezing tabs and even frozen main Firefox UI. This is on a Surface Book running the latest Windows 10 stable release with all updates (aniversary update level). I'm using accessibility, but the two crashes that I submitted so far, with different signatures, didn't have a11y specific stacks in them. Here's what happened:

1. Visited the Open-Xchange instance at my e-mail provider Note you need a login for this, so probably not directly feasible. My account is set to automatically open the E-Mail app. The freeze occurs right when e-mail gets displayed after logging in. Keyboard freezes, mouse clicks only sporadically come through, so do touch gestures. Sometimes one can close a tab, but the Firefox UI doesn't really recover. After a long time, it is possible to quit Firefox alltogether.
": Upon next start, I got a notification telling me that I had an unsubmitted crash report. That is this one:

3. I then went to the site and chose the "Try Now" link. They have a demo setup that one can try. I chose the first user "David".
4. After clicking around a bit in the Portal, trying to open a few of the widgets, a freeze also occurred, it just took a bit longer.
5. After successfully shutting down Nightly again, I got another notification that I had an unsubmitted crash report. That'll be:

Since the two signatures differ, but the root cause is in the same web application suite, I'm submitting the report like this.


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Component: IPC → DOM: Content Processes
Bug 1309180: Add interactive disasm calls to ARM simulator. r=bbouvier
(In reply to Lars T Hansen [:lth] from comment #1)
> c659503d33ce1cbda585c18e138c0978b46ad7f4
> Bug 1309180: Add interactive disasm calls to ARM simulator. r=bbouvier

My bad.  The correct bug is 1309178.

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Backout by
Backed out changeset c659503d33ce for wrong commit message
Too late for firefox 52, mass-wontfix.
status-firefox52: affected → wontfix


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