Wrong Lightning version in SeaMonkey 2.46 build 6 Release Candidate



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Release candidate seems to work fine but shows a wrong .4.46 version for Lightning.

Downloaded from here:
OS: Unspecified → Windows
Summary: Wrong Lightning version in build 6 2.46 release Ccndidate → Wrong Lightning version in 2.46 build 6 Release Candidate
Possibly a duplicate or followup of bug 1293943.
Blocks: SM2.46

wrt your comment yesterday on irc. Can the use of MOZ_PKG_VERSION be dropped from the makefile code which generates the Lightning version? I think the Thunderbird version is always accessible/usable or not?

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It was probably added for a reason. I assume that reason is that for release or beta builds, MOZ_PKG_VERSION may be set to something different than in version.txt
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Hmm, what do you suggest? 

Maybe testing for SeaMonkey, setting a different variable with the content of MOZ_PKG_VERSION when not SeaMonkey and use this for version generation?

Or changing makeversion.py to detect the SeaMonkey version?
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You could try an if/else block that uses what we are doing now for Thunderbird and ignoring MOZ_PKG_VERSION otherwise. In the worst case this may mean wrong version numbers in the Seamonkey builds in situations where building Thunderbird on the same tree would have a difference between MOZ_PKG_VERSION and version.txt.

If you are making changes to both lightning and gdata Makefiles, you might also want to refactor all the version variables into calendar/lightning/versions.mk and include from both.
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Regression caused by (bug #): 
User impact if declined: Seamonkey release builds include a lightning with wrong version information.
Testing completed (on m-c, etc.): c-r
Risk to taking this patch (and alternatives if risky): low
String changes made by this patch: none
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Summary: Wrong Lightning version in 2.46 build 6 Release Candidate → Wrong Lightning version in SeaMonkey 2.46 build 6 Release Candidate
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Can you do a Thunderbird try run for this?
I likely didn't use the right try syntax to build all platforms but the patch looks ok to me. The bustage in the x64 test is from a different bug.

Checking the logs I see -DLIGHTNING_VERSION=5.4a1 which is the expected result.

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I will wait till tomorrow and push them to the branches then.
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Target Milestone: --- → 5.5
Target Milestone: 5.5 → 5.2
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