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Add sync client counts to UITour getConfiguration


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Firefox 52
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firefox50 --- fixed
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Patches were written and reviewed + data-reviewed in bug 1305878. Split off to keep uplifts sane.
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Add sync client counts to UITour, r=gijs,data-r=bsmedberg
Closed: 5 years ago
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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 52
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[Feature/regressing bug #]: 1305878
[User impact if declined]: Product wants this data available via UITour for targeted messaging promoting Firefox for Android to users who have sync on desktop but not mobil. Without this patch, they can't target that messaging properly.
[Describe test coverage new/current, TreeHerder]: Added mochitests for the additions to the UITour API.
[Risks and why]: This is pretty low-risk; only a small subset of websites (including SHIELD/Normandy, the primary users of this patch) even have access to UITour. The change itself is small and uses safe APIs, and the failure case is these sites not being able to access this data we want. The upside is that we can much more effectively target the mobile promotion (and other SHIELD recipes) and avoid having to do widespread mistargeted promos to get the engagement we want.
[String/UUID change made/needed]: None
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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the request for uplift is tied to the timing of the mobile promo, which is aiming to happen before the end of the year. Hence why we want to get into 50.
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Bug 1305878 - Add sync client counts to UITour.

This is needed for filtering through a huge set of end-users down to a selective set for targeted experiments, fix has stabilized on Nightly52, Aurora51+, Beta50+
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Hi Mike, have we verified on Nightly52, that Shield has access to the data via these new UITour APIs or not? Just want to make sure this is well tested and there won't any last minute uplifts in Beta50.
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The patch to SHIELD to read these values hasn't been written yet, so I haven't tested it directly yet. But, testing on another UITour-whitelisted site has proven in the past to be a good proxy for testing UITour, and I've tested on the latest nightly by going to and calling the API from the web console:

> >> Mozilla.UITour.getConfiguration('sync', console.log.bind(console))
> Object { setup: true, desktopDevices: 2, mobileDevices: 1, 1 more… }

My plan is to work on the patch for SHIELD tomorrow; once that's done, I can spoof the self-repair domain and test locally to see if it'll work. I'm pretty happy with the test above, though. I'll update this bug in either case with the results of my test.
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SHIELD patch is ready at Using that patch I tested against Nightly and was able to target a recipe successfully based on the number of sync clients I had configured.
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