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Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a new SMIME certificate with StartSSL in Firefox
2. Export the certificate into a .p12 file with a password
3. Open certificate manager in Thunderbird
4. Import the new file
5. Enter password

Actual results:

A message box confirms that the certificate has been restored. But it's not anywhere in the list and can't be selected for any mail account.

Expected results:

It should work.

Comment 1

a year ago
How do you create a certificate in FF? Maybe something self-signed à la:

If the certificate was imported into TB, then I assume that it indeed worked. You can only select certificates that haven't expired in for mail signing and only those are visible in
Account Setttings, Security Setting of the selected account.

Maybe the self-signed certificate is rejected by TB.

If you give me the steps to do it in FF, I can try. Sadly, I'm not a security expert, but I know one ;-)

Cykesiopka, could you shed some light on this, please.
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Comment 2

a year ago
It's a regular public certificate from StartSSL, I've done this before.

I eventually could import it. I just exported it again in Firefox and gave it to Thunderbird. I'm not quite sure what I did differently. Maybe I accidently exported an old version of the cert the first time. And then Thunderbird might have happily accepted, but failed to tell me that what I wanted to import was already there.

Comment 3

a year ago
Unfortunately I'm not at all familiar with the .p12 related code.
I'll look into this in the next few days though.


a year ago
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