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Regression: uploading photos to community forums broke since 2016-05-10


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1. Create an account/log in at
2. Start a new "share photos" forum thread:
3. Choose "Insert image from your computer": and upload a .jpg image.

Observed: The image upload never finishes, but the upload icon keeps spinning on the screen indefinitely: . No errors are printed on console.

Expected: The image upload should finish and appear on the body of the forum post:

This used to work on Firefox 48, but Firefox 49 release regressed. Attached a bisection log, which points to this regression range:

Marking this as major since this is a regression that went all the way through to release without being noticed, and because it impacts one of the biggest professional photography communities, and without a workaround, can have a direct impact to people switching away from Firefox.
Bug 1270349 mentions something about legacy code, so if the case is that was using some legacy feature that bug 1270349 removed/deprecated, then it would be expected that the browser console should post a trail so that developers will have a known way to fix themselves. (not sure if this is the case, but possible(?))
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This issue is being discussed at at
Chances are, this is a duplicate of bug 1306472 and its various duplicates.  Is this still an issue now that bug 1268047 has been backed out?  Is the site using jquery fileupload (as I expect)?
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Oh, splendid timing! Today's Firefox Nightly doesn't work, but building mozilla-central from trunk does work, so looks like bug 1306472 fixes this. I see that the fix was uplifted to mozilla-release, does that mean that Firefox 49 will get a point update to fix, or will the fix roll in to Firefox 50?
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Great, thank you for checking that!

I thikn the plan is that if we do a Firefox 49 dot release we will ship the fix in that.  There's a good chance we will in fact do one, both because of this bug and because of one other issue, I'm told.
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