Rename Toolkit :: Download Manager to Toolkit :: Downloads API



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Per Paolo: 

> I'd like to rename this to "Toolkit :: Downloads API" to 
> better reflect reality, we don't maintain a download UI in Toolkit anymore.
Does the component description change, and if so, what's the new description?
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2 years ago
Thanks for filing the bug quickly! If it doesn't hit a character limit, the description should be updated as indicated below, including the newlines. Note that the component that saves complete web pages is technically under "Core :: Embedding APIs", but I don't see many bugs filed there. Most of them used to be under "Core :: File Handling" and got moved to "Firefox :: File Handling" when the two merged, so for the moment I'll recommend the latter.

For issues relating to the process of downloading files to disk, including for example progress calculation and timing, folder choice, file naming, and file system access.

Does NOT cover:
 - The user interface (see Firefox :: Downloads Panel)
 - Networking issues (see Core :: Networking)
 - Choosing the handler application (see Firefox :: File Handling)
 - Saving complete web pages (see Firefox :: File Handling)
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Component name and description changed. The watch user will remain downloads.manager@toolkit.bugs so as to not break any tools depending on that name. 

I need to update the triage tool and wiki to reflect the component name change, and this will be done.
Triage tool and
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Triage tool and wiki updated.
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