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It appears `Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *` in the HTTP header is not enough to allow cross-site scripting.  More headers, and HTTP methods, are required to unlock browsers' ability to send requests to the ActiveData server.  Specifically, at least `Access-Control-Allow-Methods` and `Access-Control-Allow-Headers`.  These appear to be white-listing header properties, but the extent they apply in practice is currently a mystery to me.

Some of my dumb questions are:
* What does it mean to "Allow-Headers"? In the case of "Content-Type", can 
  we actually disallow "Content-Type" headers?
* What other headers are gated by "Allow-Headers"?  If I find <header> is 
  not gated, how do I distinguish between a browser implementation failure 
  and a legitimate part of the spec?  How do I get informed of changes to 
  the CORS spec as more headers are added to the list of gated headers?
* It would be nice if "*" works for all the "Access-Control-*" headers.
  Does it?

Certainly, with enough hours dedicated to research and experimentation, all these questions can be answered. Plus, a comprehensive test suite is required to be reasonably assured we can deal with the variations in implementation, ensure we have not broken other communications, and provide alerts when CORS spec/implementation inevitably change. This makes me sad, I hope there is a faster way.

There may be a communications library [2] that manages the client communication required to establish the required client permissions. Hopefully its API has a "just work" option, unlike CORS.


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3 years ago
Some discussion about "*"

including possible dynamic solutions:

resp.setHeader("Access-Control-Allow-Headers", req.getHeader("Access-Control-Request-Headers"));
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