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Bug 1312544 - Support for Hyper-V

Vagrant wants to use Virtualbox by default on Windows. Unfortunately,
Virtualbox doesn't work when Hyper-V - the VM provider built into
Windows itself - is running.

This commit modifies the Vagrantfile to support Hyper-V.

The obvious change is the addition of a new provider block for
Hyper-V. It overrides the default box to use one that is compatible
with Hyper-V.

The non-obvious change is the refactor of the provisioner logic.

The Hyper-V box doesn't have Puppet installed. So we need to install
Puppet in a provisioner before the Puppet provisioner runs. But due
to the way Vagrantfiles are evaluated, we can't just insert the
provisioner in the hyperv provider block. So, this commit relies on
the fact that Vagrantfiles are really Ruby scripts that return a data
structure. The code for configuring the Puppet provisioner is factored
into a function. The provisioners are then moved to a provider override
block so we can guarantee the order they are registered in. It is a bit
ugly, but it gets the job done.
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Summary: Support hyper-v → Support using Vagrant with hyper-v on Windows
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