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Terminate github webhooks instance


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A few years ago, I created an EC2 instance in some AWS account (I think it was cloudservices-aws-dev) to ingest GitHub web hooks from various Mozilla organizations.

It ran for a long time without issues. However, the instance essentially died a few weeks ago and is no longer anything productive. The replacement for this instance is being rolled out in bug 1170600.

Please terminate the EC2 instance for the github webhooks ingestion server. I don't know its instance id. But its IP address is It should have "github" somewhere in its tag and the SSH key should have "gps" in it.

There is also a DNS entry that can be removed. I /think/ this is registered in Route 53 in the same AWS account. But I could be wrong about that and it may be in whatever AWS account has authority over the domain.

There is also an EBS volume attached to this instance. It can be deleted.

I've rsync'd everything important off the machine. There is no need for a backup.
i-496f8747 stopped in us-west-2, cloudservices-aws-dev. DNS record removed.
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