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WebGL falls back to software-rendering on linux/radeonsi (and any other driver that uses DRI)


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Steps to reproduce:

WebGL falls back to extremly slow software rendering with nightly on linux for radeon GPUs running the "radeonsi" open-source driver.

On the console, the following lines are logged:
    libGL error: failed to open drm device: Permission denied
    libGL error: failed to load driver: radeonsi

On the same machine, the Firefox 49 works flawless.
Clemens would you try to find a regression range maybe using Mozregression? (
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According to mozregression this was introduced by:

Makes perfect sense, that security stuff intercepts files the radeon driver needs to access.
The whole idea of intercepting file access sounds a bit like a maintenance nightmare.
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This looks like the same problem as bug 1312894.  Running with MOZ_SANDBOX_VERBOSE set in the environment would show the filename it's trying to open.
Attached file Sandbox log
Attached a log from MOZ_SANDBOX_VERBOSE.
Bug 1312894 actually seems to deal with two different issues:
- failure to initialize an accalerated GL context, leading to ...
- a crash in je_free, caused by LLVM issues
This seems the same error as the one from :

Sandbox: SandboxBroker: denied op=0 rflags=2000002 perms=3 path=/dev/dri/card0 for pid=7505 error="No such file or directory"
Sandbox: Rejected errno -13 op 0 flags 02000002 path /dev/dri/card0

Jed, do you think that we should dupe over 1312894? I don't see two issues in 1312894 as Clemens suggested in Comment5.
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Keywords: regression
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Product: Firefox → Core
Summary: WebGL falls back to software-rendering on linux/radeonsi [regress] → WebGL falls back to software-rendering on linux/radeonsi (and any other driver that uses DRI)
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Bug 1312678 - Whitelist DRI drivers in the content sandbox, for WebGL.
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Whitelist DRI drivers in the content sandbox, for WebGL. r=jld
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