Thunderbird 49.0b1 not offered as a choice in crashes-per-day (nor is 49.0b0)



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>> Now, neither 49.0b1 nor 49.0b0 are offered as a choice in
> That might very well be unrelated and a matter of how those drop-downs aren't doing you any 
> favors.  The version drop-down choices are based on Firefox and it seems it doesn't reload 
> after you have selected Thunderbird. Another battle for another day, but please file a bug.
There is no 49.0b0.
And the reason 49.0b1 is not a choice is because it's been sunset:

I can just manually fiddle that date to be some date in the future instead. What should I set it to?
(In reply to Wayne Mery (:wsmwk, NI for questions) from comment #1)
> Actually, we're now up to 50.0b1 - which isn't offered, nor is 50.0b0. Nor
> do they work if manually placed in the URL.
> 4.0&v=51.0a2&v=50.
> 0b0&hang_type=any&os=Windows&os=Mac+OS+X&os=Linux&date_start=2016-10-
> 12&date_end=2016-10-26&submit=Generate
> 4.0&v=51.0a2&v=50.
> 0b1&hang_type=any&os=Windows&os=Mac+OS+X&os=Linux&date_start=2016-10-
> 12&date_end=2016-10-26&submit=Generate
It is expected not to work. The query string needs to match what's in the drop-downs. Interesting that Top Crashers doesn't work the same. But at the moment, it's actually to your advantage. 

To make it easy, is about fixing this for the future (longer intervals by default) but for now, can you give me a list of exact versions and what date I should change their sunset date too. 
But only of those that appear in /api/ProductVersions/

Now, Top Crashers works differently from Crashes per Day because it uses the version submitted to it independent of what versions are known of. There was another bug somewhere about retrofitting that (the ftpscraper failing to pick up certain versions). That's for that bug to figure out.
Topcrashers stopped checking version numbers when I switched it to the SuperSearch-based version. It was more pain than benefit to do that check. I'm sure we can do the same to Crashes per Day, but that will require some UI work.
Seems like this is fine now. Going to close it out.
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