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[meta] Better notification bar styling


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I'm filing this bug because lately I have been greatly annoyed with the styling of notificationbars - specifically on OS X. I don't know about other platforms, so I've prefixed the bug title for now.

I can't be the only one who thinks that the current styling is rather stale and doesn't really fit at all with the rest of the UI these days. Going by the rest of the UI, the buttons should be more square, the backgrounds on all widgets should probably be flat, and at least the plugin icon clashes horribly with the background (as seen in the attached screenshot). I'd also like to note that the button foreground color is white when clicked, which is pretty ugly (I'll attach a screenshot of this as well). 

I guess we intend to replace most of these notifications with doorhangers, but until we do, I think it would be an easy yet very noticeable visual improvement if we made some basic changes to the styling.

There are already some styling bugs open for notification bars, I'll set those as blocking this one and if we choose to do any other improvements, they can be done in separate bugs with this acting as a meta bug.
Removed OS X prefix from bug title and added more blockers.
Depends on: 1311551, 1313840
Summary: [OS X] Better styling for notificationbars → Better notification bar styling
Note that I believe this bug is *different* from bug 1025182 and bug 1024741 because I'm not asking us to consider a full rethink of the design in this one, just a few small one-liners that can make things more pleasant in the current style (like the foreground color of buttons).
Keywords: meta
Priority: -- → P3
Does it look ok with Photon ?
Flags: needinfo?(nhnt11)
Summary: Better notification bar styling → [meta] Better notification bar styling
Flags: needinfo?(nhnt11)

(clearing needinfo because this became a metabug and I don't think the question about whether it's ok with photon is still relevant)

Severity: normal → S3
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