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Fix shutdown crash when the GPU process is enabled


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Subtle bug: top-level actors retain references to a MessageLoop, but there is no mechanism making this explicit. Forgetting to Close() or wait for all outstanding ActorDestroys can leave the I/O thread with a dangling MessageLoop pointer during shutdown.

VsyncBridgeChild had this bug. It didn't usually manifest, because the severed-pipe-message arriving before shutdown is a timing thing.
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Fix shutdown crash in VsyncBridgeChild when the GPU process is enabled. (bug 1314816, r=mattwoodrow)
Sigh. This unfortunately exposed another, probably long-forgotten problem: Close() is inherently racy in IPDL unless channels negotiate ahead of time who is responsible for closing. Otherwise, this can happen:

1. Side A calls Close.
2. Side A sends the special "Goodbye" message, indicating that A is closed.
3. Side B, on the IO thread, receives the "Goodbye" message, and enters the ChannelClosing state.
4. Side B calls Close.

If in between 3 and 4, side B has not yet received an indicator that the link is dead, then IPDL will abort because there's "no compelling reason" not to. [1]

I have a compelling reason: The only way to decouple a MessageChannel from the event loop is to close it, and this behavior makes it really hard to Close channels. This almost certainly explains why the compositor mysteriously spins an event loop on shutdown (bug 1295391). Spinning the event loop would ensure all the MessageChannels have received a link error and therefore posted a shutdown message.

I think we should fix this behavior, so that if Close() is called in the ChannelClosed state, it simply early returns. In the ChannelClosing state it should change the state to ChannelClosed in a way that doesn't break OnChannelErrorFromLink.

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This version fixes a problem that the monitor wasn't unlocked before calling NotifyChannelClosed.
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Make it safe to close an IPC channel that has already been closed by its remote endpoint. (bug 1314816 part 2, r=billm)
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