Can't loan Windows 7 AWS machines



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We can't loan windows 7 AWS machines because after the instance is created we don't receive the password for [ultravnc],we use this password to login as root/cltbld via RDP.

For Windows 2008 machines the process is finished and the password is generated and set in C:\Program Files\uvnc bvba\UltraVnc\ultravnc.ini so we can finish the loan process.

By checking the logs we can spot that the main differences bettween  t-w732-ec2 and b-2008-ec2 is that after the instances are created,windows 8 machines finish the process while Windows 7 machines run fewer steps(see the logs attached),we have this step which only appears for windows 8:

 [DEBUG] Out-IniFile :: Finished writing file: C:\Program Files\uvnc bvba\UltraVnc\ultravnc.ini
 [DEBUG] Out-IniFile :: Function ended
 [INFO] Set-IniValue :: set: [ultravnc]/passwd, to: ***PASSWORD_SHOWN****, in: C:\Program Files\uvnc bvba\UltraVnc\ultravnc.ini.
 [DEBUG] Set-IniValue :: Function ended


For window 7 I used this script to create the instance : 

python cloud-tools/scripts/ -c cloud-tools/configs/t-w732 -r us-east-1 -s aws-releng --loaned-to $email --bug $bug -k secrets/aws-secrets.json --ssh-key ~/.ssh/aws-ssh-key -i cloud-tools/instance_data/us-east-1.instance_data_tests.json $host
Created attachment 8807145 [details]
logs t-w732-ec2.txt

Grenade do you have some suggestion what should be changed in order to receive the password for [ultravnc]?
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we have no automation mechanism for changing vnc passwords. the command line tool provided by the package authors is proprietary and broken for several years now (it reports that it has succeeded but uses an outdated cipher to encrypt the password, which is then not recognised by the vnc server). afaik the only way to change the vnc password is to use the gui tool and do it manually which requires someone to rdp to the instance.
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userdata updated in cloud tools to include win 7/10 in loaner prep:
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