Re:Dash Alerts Can't Be Edited Once Created (and It's Impossible to Add Recipients)



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Redash (STMO)
2 years ago
10 months ago


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2 years ago
I created this Alert:

I experienced the following problems:
- Did not allow me to define recipients of alert before saving (defaulted to just me)
- Unable to edit the alert after saving (cannot select any field)
- It does not seem to have saved my "Rearm" in seconds

Since I can't edit, I can't add teammates to the alert and I can't try to re-add the "Rearm".

Other suggestions: 
- allow to test alert to make sure it is properly setup.
- allow to define recipients before hitting save
- put some instructions in the page to give additional guidance (or link to a page with details)
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I'm seeing two issues here.

a) re:dash isn't currently configured for sending mails
b) it appears that editing of alerts is maybe only allowed by admins

Fixing a is relatively easy but b will need some investigation to see if it's fixed by a newer upstream release of re:dash, otherwise we may need to defer to :RaFromBRC.
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a year ago
Component: Metrics: Pipeline → Redash (STMO)
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At long last, we think we've resolved this issue in full. Can you verify that you can edit redash alerts and everything is working as desired?
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Last Resolved: a year ago
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11 months ago
:rmiller Sorry for the massive delay on this. I've setup alerts. None have triggered yet but I will keep an eye. 

I seem to have trouble adding emails to the alerts other than my own. How would I do that? Do they need to add themselves?
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Folks should be able to add themselves, yes. I'm not sure whether or not you can add other folks. You might try clicking "create new destination", selecting "email" as the type, and adding alternate addresses there to see if that works for you.
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