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[findbugs] [FE] Test for floating point equality


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* Test for floating point equality in org.mozilla.gecko.home.activitystream.topsites.CirclePageIndicator.onDraw(Canvas)

* Test for floating point equality in org.mozilla.gecko.home.HomeBanner.handleHomeTouch(MotionEvent)

"This operation compares two floating point values for equality. Because floating point calculations may involve rounding, calculated float and double values may not be accurate. For values that must be precise, such as monetary values, consider using a fixed-precision type such as BigDecimal. For values that need not be precise, consider comparing for equality within some range, for example: if ( Math.abs(x - y) < .0000001 ). See the Java Language Specification, section 4.2.4."
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I would like to take this up if nobody's working on it. I have a build ready to go and I understand what changes need to be made. Based on the context / logic, I feel that we don't need to use BigDecimal mainly because a) we don't need the arbitrary precision and b) it could hinder performance. So, I'm thinking of implementing tolerance-based comparison. For this, I plan to define a static final variable for holding the tolerance. Since there are at least two cases where a floating point comparison is being done and they are in two separate classes, I would like to define this static final variable in a common class. I did a quick search for a suitable class but couldn't find one. Can you please suggest a class that I could use to define this constant in?
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Bug 1316015 - Fixed by replacing '==' & '!=' float comparisons with FloatUtils.fuzzyEquals().
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Fixed by replacing '==' & '!=' float comparisons with FloatUtils.fuzzyEquals(). r=sebastian
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